Tonight @ MuTeFest’15: Snapper Keeper!

Tonight at MuTeFest’15: Snapper Keeper – Swim, Swim, Hungry: An Ode to Dopefish! 7pm, Musiikkitalo Black Box


Snapper Keeper is a group of four musicians with a “do-it-yourself” attitude towards electronic music. Playing with computers running linux and other free software they aim to fuse together elements from house, ambient, hiphop and retro style electro. Also included are effected vocals, electric guitars and a trumpet. Their debut gig will be a spectacle to behold inspired by the cult gaming and all around badass aquatic character “Dopefish” from id Software’s 1991 game “Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle”.

Toivo Viitala – Vocals, bass, effects, guitars
Juho Viitala – Trumpet, laptop, vocals
Joonas Holmén – Laptop, electric guitar, sequencing, vocals
Santeri Keinänen – Laptop, dj-ing, vocals


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