MuTeFest 2020 will be held 24.-27.11.2020

The annual music festival organised by the Music Technology students at the Sibelius Academy, Uniarts Helsinki goes online.

MuTeFest team and performers embrace the COVID-19 challenge and plan to stream the concerts online for free this year, at:

Friday concert Electrons on the Beat: Re-plugged:

“Rather than not having any festival at all, we wanted to take this challenge and make this year’s festival special in many ways. We don’t know how it will work out. But the fun part is we get to create something entirely new. We are coming to you this time: to reach you near and far and share unforgettable moments together with great works in music, sound art and technology.” – shares the MuTeFest production team.

Concerts will be streamed live from the Sibelius Academy premises at the Music Centre Helsinki during the 24th to 27th of November. 

The programme can be found HERE

For safe distance in-person experiences, visit the fantastic Resonata installation in the facilities of Sibelius Academy in Agora space designed and created by a masters graduate, Janne Storm (every day at 8-20).

Mobile Sonic Walks is a one of a kind opportunity to experience sound art in a safe way through your own mobile device and MSWalks app. Enjoy your walk around Töölönlahti while listening through the headphones the ear pleasing and wondrous sonic pieces designed by our creative students.

Health, safety and responsibility are our first priorities and therefore we monitor closely the development of the coronavirus pandemic. Follow us on social media to get updated information of the current situation and programme updates.

The annual festival highlights the artistic work of the students at the Centre for Music & Technology of the Sibelius Academy of Uniarts Helsinki.

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